Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Letter from my mother (Carta de mi madre)

By Juan Parra del Riego, translated from the Spanish into English by Rosa Peñaloza de Siluk, and edited by Dennis L. Siluk-Poet Laureate.


Letter from my Mother

A letter that I was waiting for in fear
a letter I’ve scarcely
read, distracted by the dinning room.
This letter from mother…the one that always
makes me tremble,
turn pale and yell…
Postman! How late did you come today!
With her deafness she was going to poison me.
This letter from her…letter that I waited for!
A sudden happiness filled my heart!
And with a few rare doubts in which I’ll die
alone and pale with, as a thief.
A letter from my mother that already I have forgotten,
in which she only sends me orders
ay! Letters that so many times have saved me,
this time…cannot, forgive me so?



Carta que esperaba antes con temblor
carta que ahora apenas
leo distraído por el comedor.
Carta de ella…la carta que solo
ya me hace temblar
palidecer o gritar…
¡Cartero! ¡Qué tarde llegaste hoy día!
Con su sordo alcohol me iba a envenenar.
Carta de ella… ¡Carta que ya solo espero!
¡Alegrías súbitas en mi corazón!
O unas dudas raras con las que me muero
Solitario y pálido como un ladrón.
Carta de mi madre que ya te he olvidado
por la que ella solo me puede mandar
¡Ay! Carta que tantas veces me has salvado,
esta vez…¿No me puedes perdonar?

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